Science in Second Grade


Second graders spent the 3rd term learning all about different subjects in science.  We learned all about gravity, objects in the night sky, the states of matter, and rocks.  We participated in fun experiments and activities to help us learn.  Everyone had a great time!

The Reasons for the Seasons

Malechi and Johnathon in 6th Grade

In our class we learned about seasonal changes and what causes the seasons. Part of the seasons session was about how much sunlight each one gets, how much daytime each season gets, and why it’s colder in winter than summer.Why is it colder in winter than in summer? It is because of the earth’s tilt and revolution. The earth's tilt is 23.5 degrees. Students in our class got to experiment how long days were in certain seasons and how much heat/daylight they get. The tests that we did showed that summer is longer because of the tilt that heats up the northern hemisphere.

3rd Grade Celebrates Culture

Karen Thomas

Every month our 3rd graders have an opportunity to learn about cultures from around the world. Parents and grandparents volunteer to come and share things about a country they are from or have visited. We have loved having this awesome opportunity each month to learn about people from other countries and how they live their lives. Here is a video of our past culture day experiences. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who planned such great presentations to share with us! We can't wait to hear about new countries for March, April, & May!