4/23/18 MB Monday Message


Parents & Students,

We want to thank or student council last week for doing a great job organizing and carrying out our Red Ribbon Week!

Last Friday we were blown away by our third graders and all the hard work they put into presenting a wonderful program, great job third grade!

4/16/18 MB Monday Message



Our wonderful student council has planned some fun things for this week’s Red Ribbon Week. I have attached this week's schedule below.

Meadow Brook's next few weeks at a glance:

Monday (16th)—Red Ribbon Week Starts 

Tuesday (17th)— 10 PTA Meeting

Wednesday (18th)—6th Grade Springville Track Meet; District Wide Keyboarding Competition at SFHS

Friday (20th)— 2 PM Third Grade Program for parents

4/9/18 Monday Message



I hope all of you enjoyed your Spring Break! I had the opportunity to spend a few days enjoying family in Colorado. We spent time enjoying the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a Rockies baseball game, playing games and chatting way too late into the night…nothing beats family time.

3/26 Monday Message



Last week our students had a great time with our “Penny Wars” fundraiser! As a school, we raised almost $500 for a family in need. I want to thank our student council for their hard working in getting this fundraiser organized.

This week I am grateful to all of you for making Teacher Appreciation week so wonderful. Our hard-working teachers at Meadow Brook are grateful for all the kindnesses being shown to them, thank you!

This last week before Spring Break is going to be great!

3/19/18 Monday Message




I hope you all enjoyed your extra-long weekend. Today starts our last term of this school year—this year is flying! There are many fun events to look forward to during the last term of school: Springville Track Meets, field trips, Spring Break, sporting events, 1st-6th grade students (with less than 2 tickets) go to the pool, etc. We are excited about these events and hope they will provide some neat opportunities to keep learning and to enjoy one another.

Meadow Brook's next few weeks at a glance:

3/12/18 Monday Message



I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week will be a short week as we have no school on Friday.

Meadow Brook's next two weeks at a glance:

Monday (12th)— Nebo Mental Health Awareness Night @ 6:30 in the SHHS auditorium (A free parent seminar with information on improving mental health and safety planning; provided by Wasatch Mental Health)

Tuesday (13th)— 10 a.m. PTA meeting; 6th Grade goes to Mapleton Junior High

3/5/18 Monday Message



Last week we loved celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by having so many of you come to Parents and Pastries! I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I have had to get to know many of you personally and look forward to getting to know all of you better.

Meadow Brook's next two weeks at a glance:

2/19/18 Monday Message



I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day last week and are enjoying your extra-long weekendJ. Our teachers sure enjoyed having you come for SEPs; truly it takes all of us working together to help each child learn at high levels.

2/12/18 Monday Message



Over the weekend I was able to watch some of the Olympic events. I have always looked forward to the Olympics—not just because of my love of sports—but because of the dedication of the athletes and the sense of unity we all feel as people from all over the world come together to compete. I hope all of you are enjoying it as wellJ.