Social Studies in Fourth Grade

Camie Simpson

This week in fourth grade we started our research projects on the Native American tribes of Utah.  The students are working in small groups to prepare PowerPoint presentations they will share with their class. We are very excited about the program we will do for parents on May 10th!

Centers in Kindergarten

Jennifer Wimmer

Our Kindergarten centers are independent and fun!  We work hard to practice the skills and strategies we've learned in group lessons.  We have the opportunity after our core subjects are mastered, to play and practice social skills along with accepting challenges in STEM and creative arts.   It is also the perfect time for our wonderful Parent Volunteers to join in the fun!  We are so grateful for our amazing parents and grandparents that give their time and effort to help us grow.

Teamwork in Third Grade

Karen Thomas

We learned all about teamwork in 3rd grade at our Fun Friday last week! Our goal was to stack a pyramid of cups without using our hands-only using rubber bands. At first we couldn’t talk at all, and that was pretty tough! We soon learned to use our bodies to communicate, to have patience, to listen to others’ ideas, and to work together as a team to accomplish a goal!

Graphing in 2nd Grade

Katie Carrick

Second grade has been learning about graphs. They got the opportunity to us their math, writing, and art skills in a project about the best parts of spring. Students created a line plot and picture graph to show what their favorite part of spring is. They also got to write an opinion paper and create a watercolor kite!

After School ASL Class

Tayva Funes

Our after school clubs started yesterday. In Mrs. Funes’ class we are learning American Sign Language also known as ASL. Today we learned how to sign the alphabet and how to greet someone and respond. It’s exciting to see so many students excited to be learning a new language and more about the deaf community!

Electricity in 5th Grade

Article Written By: Laura Ralston and Kayden Bott

For our electricity science unit, we made electricity game boards. Our game boards worked by touching a wire to a brad and if you answered the question correctly a tiny light bulb would light up. This worked because we had foil on the back of the game board acting as wires for our game. We used a battery as our power source, and with wires we lit up the light bulb when the player touched the correct answer with the correct question. We decorated them in different ways with different themes. Some examples are; food, Disney, cats, video games, etc.

Literacy Week

Sarah Ledingham

Our literacy week and fundraiser was a huge success.  We enjoyed celebrating and promoting reading in honor of Dr. Seuss.  Meadow Brook wants to say THANK YOU for all of the participation and support during Literacy Week.  We are excited to get more books for our Leveled Library and technology programs to enhance student learning.  We are already looking forward to this event for next year!