Within Reach


The Reflections theme this year was 'Within Reach'.  Thank you to all of our Mustangs who participated and shared their talents with us.  Congratulations to all who participated and to our winners this year.  #meadowbrookmagic

Mrs. James Sixth Reptile Party

Lily in Mrs. James' Class

Last week, Mrs James’s 6th grade class earned a class party.  We voted on a reptile party. Mrs. James’s daughter, Sarah, brought around her big tegu lizard on a leash. He was too heavy for the kids to hold so she just let them pet it. She also brought around a blue-tongued skink. This one was small enough that the kids could hold it. Sarah went around the whole class and let the kids pet it. It was really cool it felt scaly and soft.

First Term Reward Activity


Our Mustangs have been making amazing choices at school.  They have been trying to be superheroes by being kind and working hard.  At the end of the first term, Miss Balli gave all of the students who were making good choices a special surprise.  She invited a jump rope group called "Just Jumpin" to perform for our students.  They amazed the crowd with their amazing tricks!  Then everyone got to go outside and try some jump roping, too.

October Third Grade Culture Day

Sarie Larsen

This month for our 3rd grade culture day we learned about the countries of Canada and Scotland. Did you know that there are two official languages in Canada? That means that kids there learn English and French in school! We also learned that one of their favorite sports is hockey! During the winter the lakes, ponds, and even driveways are turned into hockey rinks. Another thing about Canada is that they never wear shoes indoors. 

October Superhero Assembly


This month we recognized many wonderful superheroes in our school and community.  Congratulations to Miss Ledingham and Mrs. Finlinson.  They are superheroes at Meadow Brook because they are so positive and happy and they are always helping the students and staff with whatever is needed!  We also want to congratulate all of our amazing student winners for making great choices.