September 2018


Camie Simpson

The fun of "playing" continued at Meadow Brook today as the entire faculty engaged in a heated battle of rock, paper, scissors all day long. The winner received free time to play !

Impact Geography has on Exploration

Michelle McClain

In Mrs. McClain's class, we have been learning about the 5 themes of geography and the impact geography has on exploration. Here, the students are sorting pictures of all kinds of foods to see if they originated in the "Old World" or the "New World." They were quite surprised to find out that turkey, popcorn, and and sunflowers are the only foods that originated in North America. The Columbian Exchange had quite an impact on exploration!

Kindergarten Engineers

Jenifer Wimmer

We are working hard to learn how to build and describe how parts are used to build things.  We are engineers.  We are scientists. We are Mathematicians.  We are Mustangs.

Building Reading Stamina

Sienna Glenn

Second graders in Mrs. Glenn’s class have been building up their reading stamina!  They read everyday and get to watch as their reading stamina grows. One second grader actually asked if they could keep reading!  Way to be hardworking Mighty Mustangs!