October 2018

Fourth Grade Weather Vanes


Mrs. Simpson's class made homemade weather vanes to find out the direction the wind was blowing in science with Mrs. Anderson. They built, tested, and took data with their weather vanes. We have some great future Meteorologists in 4th grade!

Kindergarten Game Day

Mari Kadish

Mustang Game Day! The Kindergarten students in Mrs. Kadish’s class learned the rules to a few different games today. They will play these games during centers for the rest of the year. Thanks to all the parents that helped our students learn the rules and proper game etiquette! We had a lot of fun! 

Thank You Firefighters

Tayva Funes

Mrs. Funes class wrote letters to Fire Fighters, telling them how thankful they are for all the Fire Fighters do. On a side note, Reflections are coming up and fast. Better get your stuff ready! Now, back to the main story. In Diamond Fork there is an evacuation warning and the air quality is still red. I would suggest to refrain from any outdoor activities. How about a game of Monopoly instead? This has been Mrs. Funes News. Zakiah, signing off.