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6th Grade is SOARING to New Heights

Submitted by lena.bird on Fri, 09/02/2016 - 00:00
Kayla and Tyson


The Meadow Brook Elementary 6th grade engineers were hard at work this week designing and building hot air balloons. On the first day, we picked our teams and decided what colors of tissue paper to use and what shape to make the hot air balloons. Then  teams began gluing their balloons together. While gluing, some tissue paper ripped and had to be fixed.

On day two, we finished gluing our balloons together and tested our balloons for holes and rips.

On day three, they were ready to launch. Some balloons crashed and some flew great. Some flew all the way to the school field. The tall, big, round, and fat balloons flew really, really far. The ones that were small crashed in the school field or on the school ground. Whether the launches were successful or unsuccessful, everyone had a fun time.