If The World Were A Village

Karen Thomas

The 3rd grade students have been working so hard for the last 2 months to share things that they have been learning from other cultures of the world! We celebrated this through song, theater, and dance at our program on Friday, April 20th. Throughout the months of the school year, parent volunteers have come to share their love for a culture and country they have visited or are from. We learned so many amazing things this year, and would like to thank all of those who were able to teach us such cool things! We were so lucky to have Miss Kimball, our district's dance specialist come and teach us dances that went along with the cultures we learned about. We had fun performing these in our program! Ms. Thomas's class shared a slap dance from Samoa, Mrs. Gonzalez's class performed the "Dandy Shandy" game from Jamaica, Mrs. Larson/Mrs. Evans's class showed us the "Frevo" dance from Brazil, and Miss Sheets class shared the "Mexican Hat dance" from Mexico. Mrs. Bean, our district's drama specialist, also helped write a short reader's theater for us ("The Empty Pot", an Asian folktale), that some of the students performed. The program was amazing! Our students really did a wonderful job preparing for this program and it turned out so great!