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Science in 3rd Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 13:07
Aubrey Hillam

This Term, as a third grade, each teacher has been rotating to each 3rd grade class to teach a specific science unit. In one of the units, students have learned about different types of forces of motion and how they are used regularly in everyday activites (pull, pull and gravity.) In the Force and Motion unitt, students have also learned how to identify different types of simple machines and and the forces of motion they use. At the end of the unit, to assess what students have learned, students were asked to design and create their own catapults. The challenge was to see who could create the catapult that exerted the largest force of motion, or launched the mini "pom-pom" the furthest. Students had a blast creating and designing for this task and it was fun to see what students could create with their knowledge and understandings about simple machines and forces of motion.