Sixth Grade Escape Room

Makayla in Mrs. Brown's 6th grade class

At school this past week we did a really fun activity.  It was called, “The Escape Classroom.”  First we all had to figure out who was in each group.  In order to do that we all got different words.  On the tables were antonyms for that word.  That was how we got into groups.  Now, here comes the hard part.  We got our first clue to escape.  We were all so confused.  We had never done  this before!  Our group thought we were right so we would go and check and….. Err wrong.  Our group had to leap frog around the room.  I was laughing so hard!  Finally, we got it right.  Eventually we got our last clue (the hardest).  Our group kept trying and trying then we checked with Mrs. Brown and …..  We Got It Right!  Our group was the first to escape!  It was about time.  

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