February Facebook Facts and Opinions

Sherri Madsen

Ever wonder what your Social Media page would look like if you were posting on an actual wall instead of a virtual one?  Students in Sherri's Class worked on the concept of facts and opinions in a project based learning format throughout the month of February.  Each student posted a fact on their "wall" and their opinion on a friend's wall for each major holiday and/or event throughout February.  We talked about friendship and being friends with each person in our class.  We learned facts about groundhogs, Valentine's day, Chinese New Year, and President's day.  We reinforced the idea that

Science Experiment in Mrs. Clare's Class

Aubrey Clare

In third grade we had a fun science experiment where my students learned to talk about the importance of making good observations in the scientific method. Students were given ice-globes, salt, sugar, magnifying glasses and flashlights. As they poured salt and sugar on the ice-globe they were encouraged to observe the difference between the two. Even though salt and sugar look identical, we observed they have different chemical compositions because one melts ice, where the other does not. This experiment then led to another important step in the scientific method, questioning.

Controlling Anger in Positive Ways

Abby & Olivia in Mrs. O's Class

This year in Mrs.Oropeza's class we have been learning about controlling our anger in positive ways. Here are some ways to control your anger. Take a deep breath. Talk about it. Think of peaceful places. You can write, draw, read, listen to music. Go exercise! You can scream into your pillow! Drink some Milk! Go outside and jump rope. Do something for someone. Cuddle with a blanket. you can also count to ten and count down again. That is what we can do to control our anger.  

Play Is The Foundation For All Learning For Young Children

Trisha Taylor

“Play is how children begin to understand and process their world. Children’s play unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning.” Angie Rupan, Program Coordinator for Child Development Center in South San Francisco, CA and an early childhood educator for over 20 years.

Blended Learning in First Grade

Karla Craner

Each 1st grade class has been enjoying blended learning during the rock, water and soil science unit in Ms. Craner’s class.  Blended learning empowers students to be in charge of their learning. Using QR codes, they get to explore different stations through videos, matching, dancing and then create their own projects to show their learning.


Special Visitor in Mrs. Glenn's Class

Sienna Glenn

Mrs. Glenn’s class had a special visitor come to their class!  Chet D. Bear and his friend came in and read a book to them, then taught us a little about how to make puppets!  The students loved listening to Chet read to them and thought it was amazing to learn how the artist made the puppet.