Celebration in 2nd Grade

Sienna Glenn

Second graders got to celebrate their good behavior for second term by playing board games in the gym!  They had so much fun sharing their games and learning new games from friends!  Great job second graders!!!

Thanks for a great week!!


Meadow Brook Family,

Thanks for a fun week!! We loved all of the Dr. Seuss outfits today and enjoyed our Read-A-Thon! Last night, we had a blast with many of you at our Reading-Round-Up! On Monday, we will start collecting reading pledges, so Mustangs keep up the reading this weekend! 

Also a reminder that Monday is a minimal day, which means students will go home at noon. Lunch will be served an hour earlier than normal.

Enjoy your weekend!

In case you missed Day 4:

January Meadow Brook Staff Mustang Award

Sarah Ledingham

Morgan Peterson and Karla Craner were nominated by their peers for the Staff Mustang Award.

”Karla is amazing. She loves her students and does what she can to help make her students succeed and become better kids. She know their potential and helps them achieve it,” said a staff member. Another staff member said, “I think every bone in Morgan’s body is a creative one! She has many great ideas that she brings into her classroom and her students love her.  Morgan is always willing to share her time and her talents. Her bubbly personality makes her a great teacher and friend.” 

Sixth Grade Science Fair

Katalina Flores

On January 24th, 2019, the Meadowbrook 6th grade students had a science fair. They’ve been working on it for about a month. They had a chance to display their boards while younger students came in to look at them. It was a very successful science fair. Everyone worked hard on their boards. Congratulations to those who are moving up to the next level! Younger students, hopefully you have a lot of good ideas for when you are in 6th grade and you get to participate in the science fair!