Dental Presentation in First Grade

Alyssa Oldroyd

To celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month, First Grade was fortunate to have some puppeteers come and explain to us why it's important we brush our teeth."We need to brush our teeth so we don't have plaque and cavities." -Aaron"We have to brush our teeth so we don't have stinky breath!" -Tomas"Soda will rot your teeth!" -Liam

Hogle Zoo Visits Meadow Brook

Morgan Peterson

2nd grade was honored with a visit by the Hogle Zoo education program. They were able to become scientists for the day to solve where samples of animal furs, plants, dirt, pictures and more cane from. They found that the different samples came from two different habitats that we have in Utah, the wetlands and the desert.

In It to Win It - A Minute to Win It Challenge

Jessika Anderson

As Term 2 came to a close 4th graders were getting their game faces on. By having good behavior and not receiving tickets during term 2 they had earned the privilege to compete in 4th grade's fiercest competition. All four classes would face off in challenges, one minute long, to see who would come out victorious! 4th graders showed their strength during the tissue pull, cup stack and junk in the trunk. They showed persistence in the ping pong bounce and the ice cream drop and they showed creativity during the dizzy mummy and face the cookie.

Habitat Day


2nd grade had celebrated their very first Habitat Day! They learned about 6 different habitats, the grasslands, wetlands, ocean, desert, rainforest, and arctic! They learned about traits, plants, and animals from each of the habitats. Ask your 2nd grader what their favorite habitat is and why!