Student Registration


July 6, 2017

Meadow Brook Parents,

I hope you are having a fantastic summer! This year as a district we are looking forward to online registration. We hope this will simplify the registration process and make it more convenient for all of you.

Congrats to Platinum Buckle Winners


Students at Meadow Brook have been working hard all year to earn their 'Buckles'.  They do this by passing off their own grade level's fast facts tests.  At the beginning of the year, Mr. Pitcher made students a promise- any student who earned their Platinum Buckle would be entered into a drawing for a Cowboy Pitcher Big Cowboy Hat.  Today Mr. Pitcher made good on his promise.  Our winners received their hat today, but we want to congratulate all Mustangs who earned their Platinum Buckle and remind you all to keep working on those fast facts!

Track Superstars

Our third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students had a great time at the Springville track meet.  They were great competitors and great sports!

Second Grade Water Day


Second graders had a fun "Cruise" day this week.  We spent the morning doing fun activities to review different concepts that we've learned thoughout the school year.  In the afternoon we went outside and played lots of fun games and got WET!  Thank you to all of those parents who came to help us!  It was a fun afternoon!

Second Grade Super Stars For May


Congratulations to our awesome Second Grade Students of the Month: Jordan, Caden, Carter, Aralyn, Kaitlyn, Dominic, Frances, Ryker, Grace W., Dax, Sam, Claire, Mercedes. (Also: Hayden, Natasha, and Grace J. - Not pictured)

Also, great job to our Buckle Winners this month!  Keep practicing those fast facts!


Renaissance Fair

Jessica Gregory

For the past couple of weeks the sixth graders have been studying the Renaissance.  Each sixth grader chose a character that was influential during the Renaissance to study in depth and dress up as for the Renaissance Fair.  The students looked great in their costumes, delivered fantastic speeches, and entertained with their period dances.  Way to go sixth graders!

Flat Stanley the World Traveler


As part of our unit on maps and globes, second grade students sent Flat Stanley to relatives and friends all over the world.  We had so much fun reading all about Flat Stanley's adventures as he returned to the school over the last month.  Flat Stanley visited 25 of the 50 states in the United States.  He also visited Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Canada, New Zealand, France, Austria, Kuwait, and India.  

Greek Olympics

Jessica Gregory

To finish a unit of study on Ancient Greece, the sixth graders competed in the Olympics!  The students had a great time building temples, testing their knowledge of ancient civilizations, wrestling (thumb war), throwing the javelin (straws), and throwing the discus (frisbee)!​

Kinder Wins Pizza Party

Bethany Brown

Run 13 (the company we partner with for the kids marathon) came today with pizza and churros for our kindergarten students.  The students earned this party for having the most runners from any grade level at the final mile of our kids marathon in Provo on May 6.