Third Grade September Culture Day

Karen Thomas

As part of the third grade curriculum, we focus on learning about the cultures, customs, languages, traditions, and communities around the world. To help students learn about these things, each month we have a “Culture Day”, where parents/grandparents/family members of our students volunteer their time to come in and present about a country they are from or have visited. Thank you to our volunteers that came to visit us in September!

Diamond Fork Canyon

Claire and Presley in Mrs. Gregory's 6th Grade Class

On September 26th, 2017 the sixth grade went on a field trip to Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork.  There, we did four different activities.

For the first activity, we talked about the characteristics of plants. We learned about the varieties of leafs, and the different types of trees. After filling out a paper, and doing a group discussion, we did a scavenger hunt for different plants. We were given a card describing the plant, then we went to find it, and bring back a sample to our guide.

September Hero Assembly

This month we recognized many wonderful superheroes in our school and community.  Congratulations to Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Dutson!  We love them and they are truly superheroes in our school.  We also want to congratulate all of our amazing student winners for making great choices.

A special thanks and congratulations to our community heroes.  These men and women assisted with clean-up efforts in Houston after devastaing hurricanes!  We appreciate you: Barrett Raymond, Raul Garcia and Vickie Murdock!  Thanks for being superheroes in our community!

Mustangs Are Everyday Heroes

Marina Irwin

Hayden and Braylee are truly making a difference!  These amazing fifth grade girls have taken our school's theme of Everyday Heroes to heart. They wanted to do something to help people in need, they knew that they could be someones hero. They decided to create a "foundation" to help all those effected by the recent hurricanes. They collected items and collected donations at Macey's. They ended up with 3 truck loads of supplies to donate and send to Puerto Rico. What an amazing Meadow Brook example that each of us can be a hero!  

Second Grade Community Field Trip

To finish up our social studies unit on Communities, the second grade students went on a field trip to visit places in our community.  We visited the Springville Museum of Art, the Springville City Park, and the Springville Library.  At the museum we had some community heroes that taught us a lot of fun things about art. At the library we got to meet another community hero, Mrs. Ledingham.  Mrs. Ledingham is the grandma of our very own 2nd grade Mustang- Cambrie!  Mrs.

Community Hero Visits Second Grade


Our second grade students were so excited to have Mr. Mayberry come and visit us.  Mr. Mayberry is a community hero.  He is a member of the Springville Fire Department.  He is also the dad of our very own 2nd grade Mustang- Sawyer!  We loved learning about firefighters and fire engines.  Thank you Mr. Mayberry!!

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Zaylee in Mrs. James Class

Mrs. James’s 6th grade class had Talk Like a Pirate Day. We were able to dress up like pirates and give ourselves pirate names. We also did fun games and activities.

The first activity was The Cursed Black Jar. We had to try and figure out why we could pour water in, but not get a lot of water out of the cursed jar. We tried sneaking up on it and looking into it, squeezing it, and shaking it upside down. We tested a ton of ideas but we could not figure out why water was not coming out.

First Graders LOVE Reading

Alexis Christensen

My students love the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Williems. They always ask me to read those books to them and are constantly checking those books out of the library. It is awesome to see them so excited about reading. Today we made our very own Piggie and Gerald and had a lot of fun doing it!