Math Mania in 2nd Grade

Megan Oropeza

Today we played a math review game, “Connect four”! Students used team work and their quick mental math to solve math problems. Students who solved the answer first got to put a post it note of their teams color up. The first team that connected four won! We sure do love math!! 


Stuffed Animal Party

Sienna Glenn

Students in Mrs. Glenn’s second grade class earned a Stuffed Animal Party and got to bring a fuzzy friend to school to sit with them at their desk. Students enjoyed working hard with their favorite fuzzy friend by their side today!





Walk/Bike to School Day 11/2/18


Tomorrow is our Walk/Bike to School Day. For students not able to walk to school, our PTA and student council will be setting up an obstacle course by the bus drop-off zone and the north drop-off zone. All participating students will be awarded with a prize.