Renaissance Faire

Jocelyn in Mrs. Brown's Class

On May 10th the 6th graders here at Meadow Brook had the opportunity to participate in a Renaissance Faire.  The Renaissance Faire was an amazing thing to be able to do. Each student chose an eminent person from the period.  They wrote about person, made a poster, and even dressed the part. Each class also learned a renaissance dance that they performed at the event. “The people got to play a roll and I thought that was a very important for us to be able to do that.” said one student.

Free science day at BYU on Saturday, May 19


Free science day at BYU on Saturday, May 19 from 10 am to 4 pm at the BYU Eyring Science Center.  The event is free and there is host of fun family activities including planetarium shows, sounds to astound acoustic shows, rocket building and launching, astronomy crafts, ask an astronomer, meteorites, astrobiology, and more.

Here is the link to the website and I have attached a flier. Thank you,

5/14/18 MB Monday Message


Parents & Students,

I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I know you are awesome mothers because of the wonderful children you have raised…I am lucky to work with your sweet children!

Greek Olympics

Presley in Mrs. Gregory's class

Last week on the April 26th, the sixth grade got to participate in the Greek olympics. We were competing as five main city-states; Athens, Argos, Megara, Sparta, and Corinth. For the past few weeks, the city states have been earning points, and the Greek olympics would determine the winning city-state for each sixth grade class.

5/7/18 MB Monday Message....END OF YEAR EVENTS


Parents & Students,

As I am writing up the events for the last few weeks of school, I am realizing how quickly these last few weeks will go. It has been a great year getting to know your wonderful students; I will miss them over the summer!

I want to congratulate our fourth graders for putting on an impressive program last week; I was truly impressed with their hard work, great job fourth grade!

4/30/18 MB Monday Message


Parents & Students,

I feel so blessed to work with such incredible students and staff members; we truly have the best at Meadow Brook!

Last Wednesday, our second graders created remarkable habitats and performed a habitat program; I was truly impressed by their hard work, great job second grade!

Our fifth graders went to the Springville Track Meet. I was so proud of the encouragement these students gave to one another and their first-place award for leaving their area the cleanest…nice work fifth graders!