6th Grade Students Build Hot Air Balloons

Jakob (6th grader)

Sixth grade students at Meadow Brook Elementary worked hard to build hot air balloons. They were only given 24 pieces of tissue paper, a glue stick, scissors, ruler, pencil, and a notebook to make the balloons with. They were also told that some ideas may not work, but that is how you learn the most.

 First, the students formed groups. Our group came up with Sailing Sea theme for our hot air balloon. It was shaped like an upside down water bottle. Each group had to  pass off their team’s design to their teacher.

Next, it was time to build the hot air balloons! We needed to glue the pieces of paper together. They needed to be glued good and tight, without any gaps or holes or they wouldn't fly very well.

Then, we added a bottom to our hot air balloons (Mrs.Brown forgot) made of a circle of thick paper. Some hot air balloons were small enough to fit with the circle, others had to be pushed together so they could fit.

We learned that you also need teamwork or your balloon would have a pretty good chance of NOT working. We also found out that the smaller balloons didn’t fly as well as the bigger ones, and that the shape of the balloon made a big difference. It was so much fun watching everyone’s creations take flight!