Elevation Trail

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Fri, 09/15/2023 - 06:19

This year our school’s theme is “Elevate.”One way our fourth graders have helped elevate others in the school is by creating “Elevation Trail.” As people walk down the fourth grade hallway, they can read the positive messages written on the rocks and be uplifted. Our fourth graders had a fantastic time creating these elevation rocks and did a great job!

Alexis Christensen

Third Graders Set A Class Motto For The Year

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Wed, 09/13/2023 - 06:23

As the new school year began, Ms. Thomas’s students took time to create a powerful class motto together. We created our motto based on how we show respect to ourselves, others, and our school. Brainstorming ideas was fun and we are so proud of the phrases we came up with together! We will state our motto daily and try to live closely by it this year! Here’s to an amazing successful year!

Karen Thomas

Noun Town

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 09/11/2023 - 06:15

We have been learning about nouns.  We have learned that a noun is a person (or animal), a place, or a thing.  To help us all remember, we created a Noun Town!  We had fun making mountains, trees, cars, homes, and even a lake with a duck and shark!

Karla Craner