Australia Culture Day in Third Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 09:44
AUSTRALIAWe had the awesome chance in November to have Marco Zegarra's mom come visit our 3rd grade classes to talk to us about Australia. Madeline Wallen wanted to share what she learned at this awesome Culture Day experience. She says, "Mrs. Zegarra taught us about Australia. Australian Aboriginees make something called a 'Diggery Doo'. It is a hollow stick made out of a Eucalyptus tree. It is cool! They also use a "Billy boil". The use it to cook over the fire. In Australia they eat 'grubs'. When the eat the grubs, they eat them alive!!! Grubs are some of the protein that they eat.

Space Center Day in 6th Grade

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Our Sixth Grade went to the Christa Mcauliffe space center as a field trip. The trip was awesome. There were two parts. One part was the space simulation. We got into ships for the simulation. There were three ships. The USS Magellan, the USS Odyssey, and the USS Phoenix. We had some challenges that we needed to do so that we could accomplish our mission.

6th Grade Students: Daerik & Gabriel

Santa in Preschool

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We miss December.  It was fun having Santa came to visit all the preschool students. He read us a story and sang some songs with us! We also got to tell him what we wanted for Christmas. 


Trisha Taylor