March Superheroes

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Congratulations to all of our student superheroes for the month of March!  Thank you for doing such good things!  

We also want to give a shout out to our faculty superheroes, Miss. Oldroyd (1) and Mrs. Simpson (4).  These amazing teachers are superheroes to their students and to their coworkers.  They are awesome!

Happy Easter Mustangs

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If you could ask the Easter Bunny one question, what would it be?

"How do you hide the eggs in such good hiding spots?" -Jocelyn

"Where do you get the eggs?"  -Alexis



Alyssa Oldroyd

Sixth Grade Field Trip

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At Meadow Elementary we went on a field trip to a gymnastics meet and had a lot of fun! The teams competing were BYU and SUU. They did a great job with floor, bars, beam, and vault.

Bars were most enjoyable in my opinion. I like how they were able to show cool flips and tricks on the bars such as jumping to different bars, flipping over a bar and then landing on the same bar. I also think that it would be hard to stick the landing. Many people got scores in the high 9-9.8s.

Jakob in Mrs. James' Class