Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Mrs. James’s 6th grade class had Talk Like a Pirate Day. We were able to dress up like pirates and give ourselves pirate names. We also did fun games and activities.

The first activity was The Cursed Black Jar. We had to try and figure out why we could pour water in, but not get a lot of water out of the cursed jar. We tried sneaking up on it and looking into it, squeezing it, and shaking it upside down. We tested a ton of ideas but we could not figure out why water was not coming out.

Zaylee in Mrs. James Class

First Graders LOVE Reading

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My students love the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Williems. They always ask me to read those books to them and are constantly checking those books out of the library. It is awesome to see them so excited about reading. Today we made our very own Piggie and Gerald and had a lot of fun doing it!

Alexis Christensen

Sign up NOW for Battle of the Books

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Battle of the Books is a program to get kids reading. Not only books they like, but good books they might not pick up because they are outside their normal reading interests. Students are given a list of 20 books. They can read as many as they want. Reading all of them is not required. They may read the books themselves, listen to the books from a digital platform such as audible or a CD, or a parent or other person may read the books to them. They are placed on teams and in March or April, in a trivia style tournament they battle.

The Rain Forest Van at Meadow Brook

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Our second grade students recently had some special visitors.  The Rain Forest Van (from the Living Planet Aquarium) brought several animals to show our students.  They taught us all about different continents and the animals that live there.  We got to touch a cockroach, some different snakes, and a lizard.  We also got to meet a very loud bird.  Thank you Living Planet Aquarium!