Rising up with Rise

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 04/26/2022 - 11:20

Mr. Haslam’s third grade class  has been extremely busy practicing for the RISE test. They will be taking their test starting May 2. They will do AWESOME! 

Kevan Haslam

Preparing for Hope of America

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Fri, 04/22/2022 - 18:42

Miss Owen's class and the rest of the 5th grade have been working hard preparing for Hope of America! Every day, we practice songs that we will be performing at the Marriott Center at BYU in May! The students love singing and learning about our country. 

Alice Owen

Learning about Utah’s Heritage

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 20:25

Learning about Utah's Heritage

Fourth graders were able to go on a Field Trip to This is the Place Heritage Park this week. They learned about pioneer travel, saw historic buildings, and discovered how Utahns once lived. We took a train tour, learned about the Pony Express, we also experienced school in a one-room schoolhouse, and even got to pull our own handcarts. Mrs. Anderson's 4th-grade class loved this experience and can't wait to learn more about Utah's Heritage! 

Jessika Anderson