Working hard in Computers

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 11/21/2023 - 20:54

Computers have been so much fun! The students have earned game days for good behavior and working hard. Kindergarten students have been working hard at learning mouse control and how to navigate games on the computer. They are doing amazing! First graders have been working hard to memorize their usernames and passwords. They are almost ready to pass off logging into their computers without their login cards.

Ali Vanpatten

The History of Frybread

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 11/21/2023 - 20:44

The second grade had a visit from Brenda Beyal, a 30-year veteran teacher and a member of the Navajo Nation. We were so lucky to have her teach us about the history of fry bread. She taught us about the ingenuity required to create the bread from unfamiliar ingredients, showed us the cooking process and recipe, shared a song about fry bread, and topped the presentation off by making fry bread on the lawn of the school. Yum! Yum! Thank you Brenda!

Lessa Harding

Kinder Safari

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 11/14/2023 - 20:50

Kindergarten has been learning all about Animals! Last week we went on a ‘safari’ and found different animal coverings. Then we were able to feel different coverings on real animals that we borrowed from the Bean Museum!

Lolly Hatch

Preschool investigates Bugs

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 11/14/2023 - 15:06

Preschoolers have been investigating all the bugs we find on the playground. We have seen a praying mantis, that we moved to a tree, a moth with a broken wing, ladybugs, and our favorite was the grasshopper. We enjoyed holding and petting the grasshopper til it decided to jump and then we all ran away screaming!

Trisha Taylor

Turkey Disguise

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 11/14/2023 - 15:03

This week in Ms. Craner's class we are helping the turkey with a disguise so it can be safe through Thanksgiving.  The students colored their turkeys to help hide them from the farmer.  They also did a writing to share why they chose that disguise.  They are having so much fun and it is amazing to see how creative they are.

Karla Craner