Adventures in fourth grade

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4th gtade
4th grade
4th grade

Here are some adventures from fourth grade. 
Recess: There are so many things at recess. Like football, basketball, playground, wall ball, soccer, and baseball.

The Cup game

Get some friends and play this awesome game. Get 6 cups and rubber bands. Make a circle of one rubber band with six other rubber bands tied on to it.

Everyone takes one of the six rubber bands in their hand to pull the circle open. Use the circle to loop over the bottom of the cup. Use your team control to lift the cup into position. Repeat until you build a tower!

Clean School

We have clean desks. 

We have clean floors. We have clean classes. 

Our playground is neat. Our teachers are nice. 

We have nice students. Let's keep it Clean!

Mrs. Gonzalez 4th Grade

Reece Mcfarlane