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Dear Fellow Meadow Brook Mustangs,

We (Mr. Young’s class) are excited to share with you our class theme this year.

 “We Are Champions” . Every morning as part of our calendar routine we recite the rules of a Champion

  • I follow directions the first time.
  • I work hard every day.
  • I show love to myself.
  • I respect everyone in the school.
  • I keep my body and objects to myself.


We are also reading books and learning about other traits that Champions have.  From our books we have learned that Champions are: polite, kind, they never give up, are honest, have groovy imaginations and make healthy choices.  We have a HUGE chart on our wall that we put stars on when we learn a new Champion trait.  We invite you to come and visit our room.  We would love to recite our rules or sing our song for you. We Are Champions and proud to be Meadow Brook Mustangs

Brenda Gillie, Becky Defa