Christmas with the Crooks

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Candy game

During our Christmas Sing Along, a motley crew of loveablecrooks turned our school into a competition full of holiday hijinks. Divided into teams, Grinch & Max versus Harry & Marv, students played games and sang songs to earn points as teachers were challenged to chug eggnog and dual it out with candy canes to gift their points to their favorite team. Along with limbo lights and ugly sweaters, the festive frenzy of Christmas trivia was no match for the tiebreaker: a dance off between the teams! Busting out in their best moves, students on both sides were determined to win the 1000-point prize for their efforts. In the end, team Harry & Marv was awarded the win—placing them at the top with the most points. Better luck next time year, team Grinch & Max!  

Allison Hallam