March Madness in P.E

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It's March so of course we had to play basketball in celebration of March Madness.  We started off my learning and sharpening skills. The kids showed great skilll on our drilling skills with team races. Then moved on to learning to shoot with a fun game called Dotball even our smallest Mustangs where able to participate. Then most of our students got the option to play a real game. Many left PE saying it was their favorite time they had.

As much as we love basketball we have so many more fun sports to look forward to. With track meets around the corner for our older grades, we will be starting our running unit. We will practice all the events for the track meets including softball throw, long jumps and racing events. Younger grades can look forward to our running unit with different games that are sure to get their heart pumping.

Picture: Warm up stations is one of the many ways we learn. These are frog jumps. It is important to make these exercises enjoyable. 

Tesha Larsen