Meet Lessa Harding

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We are so excited to welcome Lessa Harding to Meadow Brook! She will be teaching second grade. Residing in Spanish Fork, while keeping the fond memories of Washington State close to heart, Lessa’s journey has been one of both geographical and academic exploration. Having studied at UVU, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as an educator. Her teaching passion finds its zenith in witnessing students make those "aha!" moments, particularly within the realm of reading, where every page turned unlocks new dimensions. Beyond the classroom, her zest for life shines through her love for travel, reading, and engaging in outdoor activities like walking, biking, and hiking – especially when shared with her children. A unique twist led her to teaching at her kids' preschool, an endeavor she embraced with unexpected love. As her children moved on, she embarked on further education to teach elementary grades, eagerly anticipating this exciting new chapter in her educational journey.