Meet Mrs.Nelson

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We are so excited to welcome Mrs.Nelson to Meadow Brook fifth grade! She hails from Mapleton, UT, while her husband originates from Springville, UT. Both proudly identify as Nebo-ites. Her interests encompass trips to Disneyland, golfing (despite not being particularly adept), a fondness for Dr. Pepper, and leisurely walks with her canine companion, Murphy. The prospect of teaching at Meadow Brook Elementary fills her with immense enthusiasm. She derives immense satisfaction from fostering an enjoyable learning environment with her students, instilling in them a genuine passion for learning. Within her classroom, the phrase "this is the perfect place to make mistakes" holds significant meaning. She staunchly believes in the value of embracing, acknowledging, and learning from missteps. Her classroom is a realm where striving for the best and enjoying the process go hand in hand. With anticipation, she envisions the upcoming year to be nothing short of remarkable.