Meet Mrs.Payne

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Scuba diving

We are so excited to welcome Sara Payne to Meadow Brook. She will be teaching second grade. Sara Payne, a proud resident of Springville for nearly a decade, radiates enthusiasm for her vibrant community. A loving mother of three children spanning high school to elementary years, she and her husband find joy in various activities like strolling with their lively labrador puppy, exploring new places, hiking, indulging in culinary adventures, and even venturing into the depths through scuba diving. Rooted in a military upbringing, Sara's heart is split between Idaho and Utah. Among her quirks, she's drawn to the warmth of the sun, shares an affinity for diet soda, and proudly wears her Star Trek superfan badge. Yet, it's her passion for education that truly defines her. Sara firmly believes that children are the architects of our future, igniting her dedication to shaping young minds and fostering a brighter tomorrow.