Meet our Facilitator

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Born and raised in Spanish Fork, Utah, Miss Hallam is a literal “speedy Spaniard,” who has traded in her high heels for high tops to better run the fences with the students. Given Miss Hallam’s extracurricular interests of long-distance running and roller-blading, she is well-prepared to meet the rigors of recess. Modeling both title and utility in her personal dress code, “professional athletic,” has become her fashion statement for the school year. 

While she enjoys the play of physical exercise, Miss Hallam also prioritizes the academic practice necessary in all learning endeavors. A former middle school art teacher and elementary district arts coach, Miss Hallam knows that all learning is cyclical. Continually revolving to support and refine the “dirty work” of trying something new, learning is not always “perfect.” It is a messy effort that requires an open mind and willing hands to work toward getting better every day. 

Serving in education, Miss Hallam cares about and supports the lives of her people and students. Being able to recognize their efforts is a special source of meaning and motivation that brings her true joy. New to the Meadow Brook family, Miss Hallam is full of gratitude; and, hopes her placement will be mutually beneficial as she has the privilege of working alongside all those that dedicate their lives to creating a caring and collaborative community—in every small and simple act.

Allison Hallam