Mustang Club

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At Meadow Brook we love to celebrate the positive impact our students make every chance we get. As part of our school-wide positive behavior plan students are given “brag notes” or “Principal Mustang Club” notes when they are caught working hard, being kind, being honest, or being responsible. Students can be awarded a “brag note” at any time during the school day by any teacher or staff member. 

When students receive a “brag note” they bring it to the office so they can have their name added to the Mustang Principal’s Club board. Once the board is full we select ten students from the board. Those students are able to choose a book from our book cart filled with books generously donated by our PTA. They also have their picture taken in front of the board with Principal Balli. 

Because our Mustangs are constantly striving to do their best our board fills up fast!

Ashley Porter