P.E in the Wintertime

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Yoga ball
Yoga ball
Yoga ball

P.E. in the winter is so much fun. The Volleyball net comes out and we start to learn the sport. It is my favorite sport and I'm so excited to get the kids rolling on it.

   It is also my favorite time of year to teach the kids some basic yoga. It is fun to watch kids try to balance on one foot or try some movements that might never have done before. I follow this lesson with a short guided meditation with affirmations. Helping the kids release any stress they might have. 

   We will also be focusing on the importance of keeping our abs engaged during warm-ups to prevent injuries this month and we'll be learning some new core exercises.  

   As the winter progresses we will learn basic hockey, learn new just for fun games, and the closer we get to March we will start basketball. 

   I hope the kids come home and tell you about all our winter activities at P.E.  

Tesha Larsen