Room of Champions Update

Submitted by megan.oropeza on

Dear Meadow Brook Friends,

An update from the Room of CHAMPIONS!  Last week our class got to go to the aquarium in Draper.  We were so excited to be able to ride the big yellow bus.

At the aquarium we were able to see many different sizes, shapes and kinds of fish, birds and other animals.

Some of our favorite activities were: walking across the scary rope bridge, petting the silky smooth stingrays and watching the funny penguins waddle across the land dive in the water to play with each other.

This week our class read Pout Pout Fish and we took turns showing our best pouty face.  Guess who won? Mr. Young! We love Mr Young!  Leilany said, “ Mr. Young you are the best teacher ever! Because you make us laugh!” 

In our class we get to sing, dance, play hide and seek, and sometimes be silly but we also work hard every day and try to follow directions the first time because: “We are CHAMPIONS in all that we do and everywhere we go!”

Becky Defa