Welcome Mrs.Dyal!

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It's a fantastic day as we warmly welcome Mrs. Dyal to our school community. We're excited to have her join us, and we thought it would be a great idea to share some fun "Mrs. Dyal facts" to get to know her better. So, let's dive right in!

1. A Proud Mom of Four: Mrs. Dyal is a dedicated mother with four amazing kids, ranging from 17 to 6 years old. Her love for family shines through in everything she does, and we're lucky to have her as part of our school's family.

2. Soccer Enthusiast: While she might claim to be "out of shape" for playing soccer, Mrs. Dyal has an undeniable passion for the sport. She played on a traveling soccer team throughout her high school years, and her knowledge and enthusiasm for the game are bound to make her a hit among fellow soccer fans in our community.

3. Queen of the Volleyball Court: Mrs. Dyal doesn't stop at soccer; she's also a volleyball enthusiast. Every year, she participates in a women's volleyball league, showcasing her skills and her love for friendly competition. We're sure her team is lucky to have her!

4. Puzzle Prodigy: On her ideal chill day, you'll find Mrs. Dyal tackling challenging puzzles while enjoying the soothing tunes of the Carpenters. It's the perfect way for her to unwind, and we can all agree that puzzles and music make for an excellent combination.

5. DR. PEPPER Lover: Mrs. Dyal's favorite soda is DR. PEPPER! It's a bubbly reminder of her joyful personality, and we bet her energy is as effervescent as her choice of beverage.

6. Family Time is the Best Time: Mrs. Dyal cherishes family time, and her clan loves nothing more than Sunday movie marathons. Their top picks include Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings – epic adventures that mirror the incredible journey she's embarking on as a member of our school community.
Mrs. Dyal is a multi-talented individual who brings her love for family, sports, puzzles, and good old-fashioned movie marathons to our school. We're thrilled to have her join us, and we can't wait to see how her vibrant personality enriches our community. Welcome, Mrs. Dyal – your enthusiasm and passion are already making a positive impact!