Mystery Class Winners

Mrs. James’s Class Wins Gold in the Mystery Class Challenge

It was hard, it was frustrating, but after 4 months, in Meadow Brook elementary, Mrs James’s class was on the list for the 6th grade gold medal winners for Mystery Class! How? Let's rewind all the way back:

In January, Mrs James introduced the challenge, and how there were 10 mystery cities they needed to find. Most people would turn down the chance, but Mrs James’s class pushed right ahead and said they would do it.

Ever since, the class painstakingly recorded the photoperiod and graphed it, comparing Springvilles time to each group’s photoperiod for their cities. Every Friday, they would drop what they were doing and get out the graphing paper and other essentials needed. “It was kinda tough. I had to figure out how to subtract properly at the right time,” said Ronin.

They kept pushing and pushing towards the end, and on the very last day of Mystery Class, all the groups turned in their papers and hoped that they would be rewarded for their hard work. They had tried their very best, in hope or fear of what lies ahead.

And then the results came out. Mrs James scrolled down the list, from 5th graders to 6th. They finally reached the gold medal winners for 6th grade. They drumrolled, they prayed, and then, the unexpected stood right in their faces: they were on the list of gold medal winners! “I am so proud of all of the hard work each student put in. They used photoperiods and universal time to solve some very tricky clues. Each team made sure that they had found the correct class,” said Mrs James, the teacher of the award-winning class.                                                                                                                                                                    

They celebrated, they cheered, and then they learned more about the mystery cities, which were spread throughout the globe in places like Montevideo, Uruguay, Toamasina, Madagascar, Bonn, Germany, Port Lincoln, Australia, and even Troll Research Station in Antarctica. It truly was an amazing experience!