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Pirate Day in 6th Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 13:56
Daerik & Max

On September 19 we had Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was super fun. Everybody dressed up like pirates!

When we came into class the first thing we noticed was the skeleton in the corner. It had a map in its mouth and a skeleton parrot on its shoulder. Through the day the map moved from its mouth to its hand. During math we had to figure out what happened to all of the pirate’s rum by multiplying fractions. After math, we had library. It was the first day we got to check out books. Right after library we went to lunch.

Once we finished lunch we came back and in the back there was a table in the back with a black bottle and two big cups of water. Mrs. James told us about the legend of the black bottle. The story is about the captain of a big pirate ship that was sailing in the Mediterranean ocean when the captain's shipmates got tired of scrubbing the deck and threw her overboard. The captain floated to an island. The captain was so thirsty so she went in search of something to drink. First she found an old woman that had a black bottle of rum. The captain got very excited and asked her if she could have some. The woman said yes and poured some into a cup, but only a little came out. The captain wanted a lot of rum so this made her mad. She stole the bottle and ran away. She kept running until she found a tavern. She went inside and asked the tavern keeper to fill the bottle. The keeper filled it up. The pirate grabbed the full bottle, then ran. The keeper yelled, “A curse be upon her!” But she didn't care about curses. She ran to a tree and poured some in a cup but barely any came out! So she ran back to the tavern and told the keeper, “You tricked me! So I will pay you if you fill my bottle.” The keeper said, “Okay,” and he filled the black bottle and the captain stole it again. So she ran and the tavern keeper yelled, “A curse be upon you,” but she didn't care. So she poured it into her cup and barely any came out. So Mrs. James the pirate asked us why barely anything came out of the bottle. We came up with lots of crazy ideas about why but none of them worked. We never figured out why the bottle did that! The bottle is still cursed today. But we did figure something out. We found that she was putting her thumb in a tiny hole on the side. Because that pirate wanted to steal the bottle hundreds of sixth graders have been cursed! Until this day millions of sixth graders have tried to figure out why the bottle did that! And none of them have ever figured it out!! Bum bum bum!!! From now and ever that bottle is cursed! On September 19, another five or six people got been cursed. We will never know if the curse will ever be lifted.

After being cursed we had physics of the Caribbean. We had to build a boat to save our ship mates from a shipwreck with one big piece of tinfoil, 6 index cards, and about three feet of tape. The group that saved the most crew mates (golf balls) was Brigs, Aldo and Nico. After the physics lesson we took a picture of the winners and it was time to go.