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Today we started our third term, which means half of the school year is already over…this year is flying by! I am grateful for the goodness of our wonderful students and staff; I have learned so much from each one!

 Meadow Brook's week at a glance:

 Tuesday (16th)- Term 3 Begins, Cooking Club starts, Battle of the Books meetings during lunch

Wednesday (17th)- 8 AM Coding Club starts (our main doors will be open from 7:55-8:05), Battle of the Books meetings during lunch

Thursday (18th)- Basketball Club starts at 3:25 in the gym

Friday (19th)- 6th Grade Field Trip-BYU Gymnastics

Tuesday (23rd)- 10:30 Marathon Kickoff Assembly (Goal setting), Choir concert at 6 pm at WESTSIDE Elementary (Springville Rec basketball is being held in our gym)

February (20th)- new deadline date for our second box-top pick-up.

Warmest regards, Miss Balli