March 2024

Radial Symmetry

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For the next couple of months we have the opportunity of having a district art specialist at Meadow Brook. She has been coming to the various classrooms and teaching different art lessons. In fourth grade one of the lessons we had was about radial symmetry. The students had a lot of fun creating and their artwork turned out fantastic!

Alexis Christensen

Friendship in Preschool

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Preschoolers have really enjoyed their friends this month. They have been working hard on learning to share and take turns. We discovered that when we work together we can build “big projects” together. 

We built a “zoo” with the blocks and put all the animals inside. It did come crashing down right after this photo though!

We even had a visitor from Mr. Young’s class join us for a few minutes.

Megan Oropeza

March Madness in P.E

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It's March so of course we had to play basketball in celebration of March Madness.  We started off my learning and sharpening skills. The kids showed great skilll on our drilling skills with team races. Then moved on to learning to shoot with a fun game called Dotball even our smallest Mustangs where able to participate. Then most of our students got the option to play a real game. Many left PE saying it was their favorite time they had.

Tesha Larsen

Wax Museum

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Fifth grade opened their doors for the annual "Wax Museum" on Friday, March 15th. Students have been working hard for over a month to research and write an essay, as well as write and memorize a short speech to highlight individuals who have impacted United States history. There was a mix of nerves and excitement as they arrived at school. Costumes were donned and speeches were delivered with care and precision to our many guests.

Ellyse Winward

B and D reversals

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and d are commonly confused by learners due to their similar shapes. Developing automaticity helps children quickly recognize the correct orientation of each letter. When students struggle to distinguish between 'b' and 'd', it slows down their reading process as they pause to decipher each letter. Automatic recognition allows them to read more fluently, leading to better reading.


A strategy to help with this skill is shown in the picture above!

Alyssa Powers

Join the Madness: Mustang March Madness Bracket Challenge!

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Dear Mustang Community,

As March unfolds, so does the excitement of one of the most thrilling sporting events of the year – March Madness! It's that time of the year again where basketball fever sweeps the nation, and we want YOU to be a part of the action.

We're thrilled to announce our March Madness Bracket Competition, and we're inviting every member of our community to participate. Whether you're a die-hard basketball fan or just enjoy the thrill of friendly competition, this is your chance to showcase your skills and have some fun with fellow community members.


Oh The Places You Go In Utah

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To honor Dr. Seuss day in 4th grade, we read the book, “Oh the Places You Go”. We strengthened our writing skills by writing about “Oh The Places We’ll Go In Utah.” We loved showing all of our finished work at SEP conferences!

Samantha Lattin