1st Graders Show Off What They Have Learned Through Art

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 05/06/2021 - 12:09
Testing week can be so much fun!     In First grade, we are taking our end of year tests and we are having a lot of fun along the way.  Not only do the students enjoy a yummy snack each morning, they get to spend the afternoon participating in activities that help activate their critical thinking skills!  We have been learning about the needs of animals and plants and today, we got to create an art project to show what we know.  Ms. Craner's class concentrated on plant needs.  When we drew, our pictures needed to include the "shelter" or soil, the "temperature" or sun, the "water" or rain and the "food" which includes the process of combining water through the roots and sunlight through the leaves to make their own food.       We also got to learn a new way to watercolor.  First we drew the picture, using a sharpie.  Next, we colored with crayola markers on gallon baggies.  Then we sprayed the baggies with water.  Last, we got to transfer the "paint" to our picture.  What do you think of all the creative artists in our class?
Karla Craner