August 2019

Growth Mindset

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 09:35
Ms. Berns came and taught us about having a growth mindset. Each group was successful during the breaking out session!    
Kelsey Mortensen

New Friends

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 08/29/2019 - 09:25
I asked, "Do you want to be my friend?" -KassyI said, "Yes!" - Jazalynn "We're new friends because we have a lot in common." -Gray"We both like to ride bikes." -Braze This week has been fun learning about each other, working together and making new friendships. 
Alyssa Oldroyd

Building Teamwork In 4th Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 09:33

During the first week of school 4th Graders in Mrs. Anderson's class explored working together by creating a cup pyramid without directly touching the cup. When they ran into problems building their pyramid we discussed how they could improve their strategy. They discovered that they had to listen to each other's ideas in order to build the pyramid the quickest and the strongest. Our class has made it a goal to use teamwork when working with partners, tables, and the whole class to help them do their best learning this year!

Jessika Anderson

Peterson Strong

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 13:49

This year Meadow Brook’s theme is the Olympics. Every class will have a flag to represent their class. Today 2nd graders in Mrs Peterson’s class made their class flag. Their class motto is to be Peterson Strong. Peterson Strong is also a family motto for Mrs Peterson’s family to help her husband through his cancer battle.

Morgan Peterson

Hot Air Balloons in Sixth Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Wed, 08/21/2019 - 14:00

Sixth graders designed and began constructing hot air balloons today. They worked in groups to thoughtfully consider successful designs and had fun putting their plans in action. We are looking forward to launching the hot air balloons on Friday!

Jessica Gregory

Teachers Back at School

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Tue, 08/20/2019 - 11:07

Last week, Meadow Brook teachers began their school year with an Opening Ceremony that was presented by Meadow Brook students.  We then had the chance to hear from our fabulous superintendent, Mr. Nielson, who spoke about discoving the POWER within ourselves.  We then ended our week meeting our Mighty Mustangs at our Open House.  All teachers are excited for this upcoming year.  

Sarah Ledingham