January 2023

Hearts for Art

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 14:36

In art this week we are making optical illusion hearts for Valentine’s Day. We learned that optical means eyes and illusion means to trick so an optical illusion is a trick to the eyes. We also learned about AB patterns! 

Jessica Goff

Springville Rotary Club gives to Meadow Brook

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 01/30/2023 - 21:18

Third graders received dictionaries from the Springville Rotary Club. Students were so excited to look through their very own dictionary and find new words to use. One third grader said “I have never seen so many words in my life!” We can’t wait to use these dictionaries to learn new words in third grade!

Maggie Ashman

Multi-sensory Math

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 01/30/2023 - 19:37

For the last 2 years, resource teachers all over the district have been learning about Multi-sensory math and the 5 math superpowers. The second math superpower is place value and expanded form. One of the ways to build this is to have students build numbers and ask them what a number is made of and what it is called. They are also encouraged to keep using patterns within the construct of place value. Building numbers with craft sticks helps our class understand the composition of numbers. And when we build numbers, we solidify their knowledge of place value concepts.

Cynthia Stevenson

Fluency Checks

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 01/30/2023 - 19:33

Fluency checks! Every day students are reading a one minute passage and counting how many words they are reading with their partners. It was great to see them working hard today on their fluency.

Preston Adams

Sentences in Kinder

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:50

In kindergarten, we are working hard to learn how to write a sentence. We have been working on capital letters, finger spaces, and ending with a period. Our students are great at working hard during writers workshop and love having quiet music to help them concentrate! 

Brittany Dean

Word Surgery

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 14:42

Miss Jacklin’s class has been hard at work this week performing “surgery” when creating contractions from words! They worked on taking two words and making a new shorter word!

Janey Jacklin

Minute to Win It

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 13:31

Each term Meadow Brook students are rewarded with a fun activity for having good behavior at school. For term 2 Fourth Graders earned Minute To Win It Games. Each student got to participate in a game to help their team be the winner. There was cup stacking, balloon popping, marshmallow throwing, and cookie eating, just to name a few of the events. Fourth Grade teachers love to have fun with our students, especially when we get to celebrate their good choices!

Jessika Anderson

Reading Fun in Mrs.Andersons

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Sun, 01/22/2023 - 14:50

We have been reading the magic tree house book about Ancient Egypt! To go along with all the learning from this book, We studied the habitat of the desert! Each student got to write and draw something that we learned for our poster! 

Jess Anderson