4th Grade Track Meet

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 12:58
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We had a GREAT day. It was warm and clear--maybe a bit hot by lunch time. The excitement was high. This is the first track meet in which the students have participated. Last year of course we could not hold the event. We arrived about 9:30 and found a spot on the bleachers. Then everyone who was doing the soft ball through or long jump took off to their event location. Not long after, the first event 50 meter girls was called. Then the boys 50 meter. It was exciting to see all the fast runners. The 100 meter was next. Then the 400 Meter. Everyone was exhausted but finished their race like a champion. Last the semi-finals and finals for the 50 and 100. Our school brought home six “ribbons” or places in different events. 

Diana Gonzalez