All About Gravity in Mrs. Bird's Class

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Our class has just finished learning all about gravity.  We learned about scientists and did some experiments, we did gravity art, we tried to build marshmallow towers that stood up agains gravity and we flew paper airplanes.  Everyone had fun!  Here is what some of our students had to say:

"I loved the paper airplane experiment.  We learned about why gravity does not pull an airplane down." (Cambrie)

"My favorite thing was when we did the gravity art page.  I learned that not everything always falls straight down." (Ryker)

"My favorite part was when the balls fell at the same time." (Nolan)

"My favorite experiment was the paper airplanes because I did not think some things could go against gravity." (Diego)

My favorite experiment was doing the water color paint because it was fun and cool but it took a lot of patience.  I learned that gravity pulls things down." (Reese)