Australia Culture Day in Third Grade

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AUSTRALIAWe had the awesome chance in November to have Marco Zegarra's mom come visit our 3rd grade classes to talk to us about Australia. Madeline Wallen wanted to share what she learned at this awesome Culture Day experience. She says, "Mrs. Zegarra taught us about Australia. Australian Aboriginees make something called a 'Diggery Doo'. It is a hollow stick made out of a Eucalyptus tree. It is cool! They also use a "Billy boil". The use it to cook over the fire. In Australia they eat 'grubs'. When the eat the grubs, they eat them alive!!! Grubs are some of the protein that they eat. In Australia, they plan and hunt with something called a boomerang. Also, in Australia, they have animals called Koalas. Koalas eat the leaves off of the Eucalyptus trees. This is what we learned about Australia!" We love having parents and grandparents share their love about a country they are from or have visited. We enjoy learned about other places and cultures!