Blended Learning in Action

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Blended Learning is where learning takes place partially in person and partially independently either at home or school.  As a First Grade team, we have been developing some math curriculum on the Seesaw app for students who may be missing school.  This week, we in Ms. Craner's class decided to put this into practice.  While some students worked in a small group, others were working independently at their desk using their math tool kits.  As their teacher, I could work with smaller groups of students and also check the other students' work from my iPad and 'send' it back to them if they needed to re-think any of their answers.  This allowed students to work at their own pace and get feedback from the teacher to enrich their understanding of addition and subtraction.  We all enjoyed the experience!  (Yes we had a pajama day as a class reward!) 
Karla Craner