Celebrating Third Grade in January

Submitted by lena.bird on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 07:44
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We are so very proud of each and every one of our 3rd graders for working so hard on their math facts! We had an awesome month and we are thrilled to award a few of the students that we have seen shine this month:

From Mrs. Gonzalez's class, we recognize Mckenzie Evans for being cooperative and always following procedures, Marely Lira for being quick to follow procedures and always doing her best work, Raul Santapau for great progress in reading, Clark May for just doing awesome math work and being a great friend, and Maddison Hogan, for completing 85% of 4th grade math on ALEKS.

In Mrs. Reed's class we are so happy to report on these awesome students: Ariah Kratzer for being a great helper, Liam Harward because he has been working hard in math, Andrew West for having a great love of reading, and Ella Snyder for being an All Around Great Student!

Last, from Ms. Thomas's class, Boston Walker for being an excellent, thoughtful, creative writer, Laura Ralston for showing creativity and personality in writing, Braden Mitchell for always being on top of his jobs in the classroom (Ms. Thomas can count on him always!), and Marshall Patterson for always participating in class and working hard on assignments.

Way to go, 3rd Grade!

Karen Thomas