Diamond Fork Canyon

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On September 26th, 2017 the sixth grade went on a field trip to Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork.  There, we did four different activities.

For the first activity, we talked about the characteristics of plants. We learned about the varieties of leafs, and the different types of trees. After filling out a paper, and doing a group discussion, we did a scavenger hunt for different plants. We were given a card describing the plant, then we went to find it, and bring back a sample to our guide.

After that, we went across a campsite to another camsite where we learned about birds. There, we talked to a nice guy about specific birds like falcons, owls, and hummingbirds. We learned that birds are the only animals in the world that have feathers, then we learned about the use of feathers and how the birds are light weight. They have hollow bones, no bladder, and a thin skull, as well as their impeccable eyesight and amazing hearing. Also, birds can’t digest bones or fur, so they are like a cat, and they cough up the bones and hair. We cracked some open, and we found a mouse skull! It was super gross, but super cool.

From there we went on a beautiful hike. We got to pick a place in the trail to appreciate nature. Mrs.James’ class took data, and Mrs.Brown’s class and Mrs.Gregory’s class wrote ten word poems about the peaceful surroundings. There were many sites along the path.  We first passed by a sign that told us about the organisms that live in the logs. Next we passed by a ripped up tee-pee. Then we saw some branches that swirled into a fort with a path going through it. The entire time we were there, we could hear the annoying MOOOOOOOO of cows across the river.

The last one we went to was the river activity. First, we had a discussion of if the water was clean for us to drink and use or not, and we talked about little bugs that live in the water, which tell us if the river is a safe or not. We had to identify the three classes of bugs that are in the water. Then we put on wet and slimy wading boots, and went into the river. We had nets that we used to catch creatures.  In partners, we stood in the cold water. One person would crouch at the bottom of a rock, while the other would lift up the rock. When they did, dirt, creatures, and smaller rocks would billow through the water into the waiting net of the other person. It was, in a lot of people’s opinions, the coolest station yet.

Sadly, it was time to go home. We helped the rangers put away the supplies, then loaded back onto the gloomy bus for the long ride back to school.  We had sooo much fun and we are looking forward to going again this winter, where we are going to do some fun snowshoeing.

Claire and Presley in Mrs. Gregory's 6th Grade Class