Fourth Grade Goes to Camp Floyd

Submitted by lena.bird on Wed, 10/19/2016 - 16:40
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At Camp Floyd, we learned a lot about how the people in the military survived in 1857. We learned how fast the army men could load their muskets and cock them (20 sec). But our director loaded his musket slowly so we could see how they did it. He also fired it!  This camp is a military camp, so instead of raising our hands, the director had us stand up and salute until he saluted back. I guess that was just as normal as raising our hands in a military camp, but it was pretty weird to us! After a lot of time, we got to get together with our groups and go to some stations to learn more about the 1800`s and how they built houses, what a fancy inn would look like, how much a cannon ball weighs, how to make a candle, and got to pretend to load & shoot a gun. Finally, it was time to eat and get on the bus to leave for school.

Gabriel Delgado, 4th Grade Student