A Furry Friend Visits Mrs. Bird's Class

Submitted by lena.bird on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 15:36
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Our class has been working so hard to make good choices.   As a reward, Mrs. O brought some furry friends to visit us.  Everyone was so excited to meet Roger and Saturn, two Mini Rex bunnies.  We learned all about bunnies.  We learned that a girl bunny is called a doe and a boy bunny is called a buck.  Special thanks to Lynda Williams at UVU for letting her bunnies come to our class for the day.

Some thoughts from students:

David: "The best part was that one of the bunnies liked me!"

Aiyana:  "The best part was that they're SO cute!"

Kade: "The best was petting them."

Diego: "I liked that they were so soft."