Good Digital Citizenship

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 12/10/2020 - 10:11

In computers we learned about digital citizenship. At the end of the week students made a pledge by signing their name on a leaf to be placed on our digital citizenship pledge tree so they can be reminded each week they made a pledge to be a good digital citizen.  


In the lower grades we created an autumn scene and graphed the items.  They enjoyed creating their own scene. We played Teach Your Monster to Read.  We are looking forward to playing it again.  We played Breakout on the computer. It was tricky but we figured it out. We practiced our safety drills so we are prepared.  We have worked hard every week to earn a Game Day and were rewarded with one this week.  


In the upper grades we refreshed our skills in Google Docs and solved math equations to unveil a mystery picture in google sheets.  We played Breakout and escaped by solving all of the puzzles.  Safety week we practiced our drills so we are prepared.  This past week we learned how to format Google Sheets using Conditional Formatting and we created our own pixel art.

Ali Vanpatten