Greek Olympics

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Last week on the April 26th, the sixth grade got to participate in the Greek olympics. We were competing as five main city-states; Athens, Argos, Megara, Sparta, and Corinth. For the past few weeks, the city states have been earning points, and the Greek olympics would determine the winning city-state for each sixth grade class.

Each teacher, (Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. James, and Mrs.Brown) had events with first place earning three points, second place earning two points, and third place earning one point. In Mrs. Gregory’s class, the events were Javelin throw (with straws), Discus throw (with paper plates), and a memory game (look in a box, memorize objects, and write it down). In Mrs. Brown’s class there was balancing a ball, hula hoops, bowling, soccer (kicking a soccer ball up and down the field), an egg hunt (scrabble pieces inside), and another kind of memory game (memorizing order of pictures). In Mrs. James’ class, there was temple building (with legos), and pictionary. We all earned many points, and we had fun doing it.

As we waited to hear the results, we headed down to the corral, everyone hoping for their team to win. In Mrs. James’ class, city-state Athens won first place. In Mrs. Brown’s class, city-state Megara won. Lastly, in Mrs. Gregory’s class, city-state Corinth won. Congratulations on a job well done teams!

Thank you sixth grade teachers for taking the time to put together such a fun activity for us. We had a good time, and the students entering sixth grade will have a lot of fun, and many things to look forward to.

Presley in Mrs. Gregory's class